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A Summarized History of Ortopédicos San Andrés
In 1957, two well diggers, José Sanchez and Manuel Perez, decided to change their profession and began to manufacture orthopedic chairs. Thus, Casa San Andres was finally created. Its first manufacturing facility was a small storehouse situated at San Andres neighborhood, Province of Buenos Aires.
When Jose Sanchez retired on account of an illness, Manuel Perez and Aida Margarita Sanchez (currently, Aida Margarita Sanchez Perez) went on transacting firm’s business. At the beginning, production was focused on manufacturing wheelchairs that could be changed to a litter. Deliveries were usually made in a Gilera motorcycle containing a coupled cart with a space available for only one wheelchair.
When deliveries were made in the city of Rosario, a Ford “A” station wagon was often used. For being able to arrive at Rosario, trips started at 03:00AM and ended at noon. Many years afterwards, Casa San Andres ‘s name was changed to Ortopedicos San Andres. During the first years, wheelchairs, canes and strollers were manufactured in craftsmanship terms and very few orthopedic elements were manufactured per month. In 1974, Casa San Andres moved about 7 streets from the original storehouse because the growing demand of orthopedic items required larger manufacturing facilities.
Nowadays, manufacturing is made on a series basis. The incorporation of newest technologies has resulted in a production exceeding 2.000 items / month.
Apart from producing a large range of several items, we have:
36 wheelchair standard models
10 orthopedic bed models
4 different stroller models
Canes, Crutches, Elevators, Railings and Trapezes
Hospital Tables
ICU Beds
Motor-driven Chairs
Hand-operated Devices
Ortopédicos San Andrés has been awarded with the following prizes:
Latin American Business Prestige Award (1987)
Business Prestige Award (1993)
Quality Award (1994)
Blue Ribbon Award (1995)
Ortopedicos San Andrés has a Certified Technical Director, pursuant to Act Nº 11.950, and is registered at Argentinean A.N.M.A.T. (National Foods and Medical Technology Administration).
Our company is currently exporting to Brazil; Paraguay; Uruguay; Bolivia and Chile Besides, Ortopedicos San Andrés supplies a significant number of local market companies with its products.
Our Future:
Ortopedicos San Andrés is under ISO 9000 and B.P.F. Standard-related certification process. During this year,we expect to obtain said certifications.
Ortopedicos San Andrés, a company having an existence of over 40 years at market, is highly proud of its humble origin and its leadership throughout Argentinean orthopedic device market. This leadership derives from company’s service devotion to those individuals whom society often overlooks.
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